30th April 2020

Marienbad in Clerkenwell

This is the first of a series of posts from the Brothers of the Charterhouse – their thoughts, stories and reflections on life in lockdown. Looking out over the garden last week I saw several randomly spaced, isolated brethren standing completely still, each as if staring at something in front... continue

8th April 2020

Edward North – the skill of survival in turbulent times

Edward North is an intriguing, and perhaps the most politically shrewd character in the Charterhouse story. Born around 1496, he was sent off as a young lad to the newly opened St Paul’s School, after which there is some debate about whether he did or did not go to Cambridge.  He certainly never obtained... continue

2nd April 2020

A week at the Charterhouse by Tanel

Hi, my name is Tanel and I am a work experience student, here to talk to you about my amazing experience at the Charterhouse. I have been on site for two weeks, and sadly today is my last day. I wanted to give you an overview of what I have spent my time on site […]... continue

1st April 2020

Over a hundred gloves…

In the second of her two posts about the Charterhouse tapestries, our Museum, Collection and Learning Manager Gabriella Swaffield describes the work of the conservator… Back at the studio, Marilyn explained that 90% of her work so far focused on split repair, which occurs mainly at the top of the... continue

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