Painted portrait in gold frame against green wall

22nd March 2023

Anthony Ashley Cooper, First Earl of Shaftesbury (1621-1683)

Governor of Charterhouse: 1662. Shaftesbury was a radically-minded aristocrat, who changed sides several times during the English Civil Wars. He was one of the first Whig politicians, who believed in protecting the people from institutional oppression, be that the monarchy or Parliament. It was Shaftesbury... continue

Bethany and Laura visiting St Johns Gate

15th February 2023

Collaborative Working with other local attractions

The Charterhouse Museum is forging links with other institutions in Islington to encourage greater visitors to the area. Part of our partnership working includes extending our £1 tour offer with other local attractions so this becomes a boroughwide initiative. Discussions are taking place at present... continue

Cover of first and second ever Charterhouse news pamphlet.

14th February 2023

Uncovering more of the Charterhouse’s past

The current cataloguing with the old back copies of the Old Charterhouse Magazine is moving ahead at a steady pace. Already we have been astounded with the amount of stories from the past lives of the Old Carthusians, illustrating the diverse and almost global spread of their careers. From tea planting... continue

Photos of the old magazine

18th January 2023

The Charterhouse Magazine, December 1933

Jack Evans, our Collections Volunteer, has had a rather exhaustive stretch of documenting and cataloguing an entire file box worth of photographs of the Charterhouse (as part of an exciting project that is aimed at moving our collections forward), he is moving onto another intriguing set of historic... continue

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