Exterior of Malmaison Hotel on Charterhouse Square

19th June 2023

Thr Architecture of Charterhouse Square: Malmaison Hotel

Standing next to the medieval gate of the Charterhouse, the Edwardian-built Malmaison Hotel is a striking building. Along with the art-deco grandeur of Florin Court, the hotel is one of the more impressive modern buildings facing onto Charterhouse Square. Nos. 18-21 (where the Malmaison is situated)... continue

Front view of Florin court

8th June 2023

The Architecture of Charterhouse Square: Florin Court

Charterhouse Square is a microcosm of London’s diverse and multi-layered architectural history.  Ranging from medieval to Georgian to Victorian to Edwardian to the modern, it encapsulates the rich tapestry of a neighbourhood right on the edge of the City of London. One of the most distinctive and... continue

Oil painting

4th May 2023

The anniversary of the Carthusian Monk’s martyrdom

When Henry VIII issued his “Act of Supremacy” declaring that all who refused to take an oath recognizing him as head of the Church of England committed an act of high treason, the Carthusian Monastery of London (now the Charterhouse) refused and were sentenced to death. The first to die were the... continue

HW Dunlop – A life with more questions than answers

18th April 2023

HW Dunlop – A life with more questions than answers

Ever since undertaking the cataloguing of the Old Charterhouse Magazine at the beginning of the year, I’ve been itching to do a story on one of the Brothers, given their astonishing and diverse stories. This has been mentioned in previous newsletters, and it’s my desire to see that this invaluable... continue

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