HistoryHit – Filming at The Charterhouse for YouTube

On 24 April, HistoryHit will be at the Charterhouse to film a short film for their YouTube channel, a series entitled Hidden Remains of Medieval London. The series focusses on medieval locations that aren’t so visible today. So instead of the Tower of London and Westminster Abbey HistoryHit will be visiting medieval sites with remains that are either underground, behind closed doors, and / or incorporated into later structures.

Please keep a look out for the Charterhouse on HistoryHit YouTube channel over the forthcoming weeks.

In 2018 HistoryHit was launched – a new online channel for history lovers. You can find hundreds of history documentaries, interviews and short films on their website, and also on their YouTube channel. HistoryHit brings you the most extraordinary, dramatic, tragic and fascinating stories of our shared past. They have reinvented how history is told in the digital age through video, podcasts, articles and much more.

Please check the variety of content on their websites, you will be amazed!



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