Thomas Sutton’s bequest of 1611, made provision for the care of 80 ‘Poor Brothers’ and the schooling of 40 boys from poor backgrounds. While the school moved away from the site in 1872 and became the independent Charterhouse School, the almshouse has remained on the site.

Today residents are still known here as Brothers, although that has included women since 2018. Originally a faith-based Charity, our Chapel still has a central role in our community life although residents and staff are from all faiths and none.

Brothers talking outside

We are a modern, forward looking organisation while still retaining historic traditions. Eating daily meals together in the historic 16th century Great Hall is a central aspect of community life here, and staff and visitors regularly join the Brothers for meals.  We also mark historic days such as Founder’s Day, Thomas Sutton Memorial Day and Carthusian Martyr’s Day which are reminders of the heritage of our site and of the almshouse.

Friends talk at The Charterhouse

Community Living at The Charterhouse

The Charterhouse is home to a community of people wishing to live independently, but with support on hand from our professional Domiciliary Care team.

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