Charterhouse School

In 1872 the School moved from the London site but the association between the School and the  Charterhouse has continued to this day with representative ‘observers’ sitting on each Governing Board.

The annual provision of financial support to Charterhouse School is delivered based on an agreed historical calculation and is currently used to provide bursaries to students in need. The School and the Charterhouse in London enjoy a close relationship, with the Charterhouse hosting an annual Founder’s Day service and dinner for the School alumni to commemorate Thomas Sutton.

Pupils come to the Charterhouse for educational visits. The charity has also benefited from generous donations from former pupils (Old Carthusians). The School has welcomed girls in the sixth form for decades and is soon to become fully co-educational, mirroring the almshouse which has welcomed women residents since 2017.


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