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Halloween Trail

11th - 30th October 2021 | 11:00am - 4:00pm

Bring the kids on this spooktastic trail of bones through our museum and chapel cloister - can you find them all? Each one gives you a letter to fill in our word quiz. Pop in any time we're open Tuesdays to Saturdays 11.00am to 4.15pm. Absolutely free!
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The Charterhouse by Candlelight

22nd October - 25th March 2022 | 6:00pm - 8:00pm Step through the gates to the Charterhouse in the early evening after work, and discover a whole different world hidden behind ancient high walls. On one evening a month, our new guided tour will take you on a journey through our extraordinary history, all revealed in flickering candlelight. With a glass in hand, you can meet the powerful people in our 17th century portraits, and experience the special atmosphere of our Great Chamber, and our other rooms and buildings which tell the story of many significant moments in history. We will be running two tours on one evening a month from October 22nd. Tickets £20 (Concessions/Friends £18) Book your place here. (Ticket price includes a glass of wine or soft drink).

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The Great Chamber contrasted with the private painted rooms of the 17th Century: online lecture

28th October 2021 | 7:00pm - 8:00pm The Great Chamber at Charterhouse has a split identity – a grand private room in the sixteenth century, a seat of power for the governors of a new charity from the seventeenth century onwards and a heritage landmark in the twentieth and twenty-first century. In this online lecture, curator, and arts and museums consultant Mireille Galinou proposes to re-position the Great Chamber by juxtaposing it to painted rooms of the seventeenth century. You are invited to a private tour of several of these painted rooms – in Berkshire (Sir John Kedemister Library), in Derbyshire (Hardwick Hall & Bolsover Castle), Northamptonshire (Canons Ashby), Wiltshire (Wilton House), and finally London (Carshalton & Botolph Lane). Which identity will prevail? Book your place at the lecture here (with a donation if you can).

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The Thomas Sutton Lecture – A Life in Art

10th November 2021 | 6:30pm - 8:00pm We are delighted to announce that this year's prestigious Thomas Sutton Lecture will be presented by renowned international art dealer and broadcaster Philip Mould. Many of you will know Philip Mould from his hugely popular BBC series 'Fake or Fortune', where he applies his expertise and sleuthing to discover the true provenance of paintings and sculptures, as hopeful owners await the outcome.  Philip will be reflecting on a career which embraces an involvement in and a passion for art which spans writing, curating, art dealing, broadcasting, research as well as being president or trustee for a number of leading arts charities. Join him, either live at the Charterhouse (limited availability) or live online, as he reveals his Life in Art.  (With thanks to Diploma PLC for their kind sponsorship). Book your live or online ticket here.

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Quiet Hour

Escape all the pressures and strains of life for a few minutes here in our Chapel. We're designating a Quiet Hour every Wednesday from 1.00-2.00pm so any time you want some calm and quiet, a little bit of mindfulness or just some time-out - please pop in. A bit of sanctuary in the City. Entry is free - with the opportunity to make a donation if you can.

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Christmas Fair

16th November 2021 | 11:00am - 8:00pm The one and only Charterhouse Christmas Fair will be happening again this year. Save the date and get ready for a fabulous Christmas shopping experience.  Expect beautiful crafts, gifts, housewares, stationery, fashion, accessories, seasonal food & drink products, and of course Father Christmas and the Charterhouse Christmas Café.  Entry will be £5 (Concs £3 and under 12s free). You can pay on the door or take the opportunity to book in advance here.

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Design your own coat of arms

Here's an idea for children and for teachers - a design project that combines history with talking about your own family and what makes it special.  Get creative with our 'Design a coat of arms' activity - and if you send us your designs, we'll choose our favourite and send you a cuddly soft Talbot dog!  Find all the details here.

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Family Garden Trail

Charterhouse Square is open to the public (every day except Monday) and is a little oasis in the City! And it's a great destination for our little Family Garden Trail which takes you around the Square and gives you a series of fun activities to enhance your visit to this lovely spot. Print out the free Trail here and head out with some pens and crayons and get busy!!

James I and the English Witch Hunts: Recorded lecture

We were delighted to welcome back acclaimed historian, author and broadcaster Tracy Borman for our September online Lecture. Now you can see the recording of this gripping talk, inspired by her non-fiction book, Witches, as well as her fiction trilogy, The King’s Witch, which takes us into the turbulent world of the early Stuart court. After inheriting the throne from the last Tudor monarch, Elizabeth I, James VI and I waged a war on witches and Catholics alike. It was not long before a dark campaign to destroy both King and Parliament gathered pace, culminating in the Gunpowder Plot. Access the link to the recording here (with a donation if you can)

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More and more – Law and the Charterhouse: recorded lecture

An opportunity to see the recording of Sir Mark Warby's fascinating Lecture - 'More and more - law & the Charterhouse'. High Court Judge, Sir Mark Warby presents his own compelling and illustrated insights into law and its development in UK and USA, and an array of its practitioners, some distinguished and some less so, and their connections with the Charterhouse over the centuries. His interest in the subject was first sparked in 2017 when he arrived at the Charterhouse as 'consort' to the Master, Ann Kenrick. Sir Thomas More is perhaps the most famous legal mind to be associated with the Charterhouse, but there are many others, as Sir Mark's lecture will reveal. Access the link here (and a donation would be very welcome).

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The Restoration of Kings, Copies and Clerics: recorded lecture

We are delighted to share the recording of our March lecture 'The Restoration of Kings, Copies and Clerics' by artist and independent researcher Ibby Lanfear, where she explores the history and significance of the seventeenth century portrait collection at the Charterhouse. Based on extensive research in the Charterhouse archives, Ibby shares her findings on this very notable collection of portraits, which have been recently renovated and are now on display in the refurbished Great Chamber. From their acquisition during the Restoration era, to the dramatic survival of the collection in 1941, Ibby will explore the cultural and material relevance of the works both to the Charterhouse charity and beyond. Since training as an easel paintings’ conservator at the Courtauld Institute of Art, Ibby Lanfear has worked as a conservator and researcher for museums, universities, and institutions such as the National Trust. In 2017 she became the Paul Mellon curatorial researcher at the Charterhouse and her extensive research is published by the Charterhouse and the National Portrait Gallery. Get your link to the lecture here. Please make a donation if you can.

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Charterhouse School’s exodus to Godalming: recorded lecture

We were really delighted that Catherine Smith, archivist at Charterhouse School, presented her fascinating look at the history of Charterhouse School for our July online Lecture. Here is a chance to view it again! Catherine takes a close look at the time the school at Charterhouse - first founded in 1611 - moved to new premises in Goldalming in 1872, exploring the reasons for the move and the consequences for both the School and the almshouse. Catherine has been based at the School for 11 years and has a fantastic knowledge of its history with a host of stories and illustrations.  We greatly appreciate Catherine giving this lecture in support of our charity. (Ignore the dates given above) You can now access a link to the Lecture, with the option of making a donation, here.

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Henry VIII and the Men Who Made Him: recorded lecture

An opportunity to watch our recent excellent live online Lecture by eminent historian and best selling author Tracy Borman as she shares insights from her research, and excerpts from her book Henry VIII and the Men who Made Him. Henry VIII is famous for his multiple marriages, but it was the men in his life who shaped this notorious monarch - and he, in turn, determined their fates. In this talk we are introduced to a dazzling cast of characters: some 'mad' (Sir Francis Bryan, the so-called 'Vicar of Hell'), some 'bad' (the grasping minister Thomas Wolsey) - but none as 'dangerous to know' as Henry VIII himself. Tracy Borman has extremely kindly agreed to give this lecture to help raise funds for the charity as it navigates very challenging times during the pandemic.  (Ignore the dates above) You can receive the link to the Lecture now with the option of paying a donation, here.

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Boundaries in time, place and material by Eric Parry RA: recorded lecture

Our 2020 Thomas Sutton Lecture by eminent architect Eric Parry RA, MA (Cantab), MA (RCA), AADipl, RIBA is now available online. Eric Parry, with his practice, Eric Parry Architects, was commissioned back in 2014 to take on the major HLF-funded project of opening up the Charterhouse to the public for the first time, creating a new entrance, reception, museum and learning centre which complemented the ancient architecture here, and created a compelling and engaging visitor experience. This is a sequel to Eric Parry's lecture given last year for the London Festival of Architecture, exploring the theme of 'Boundaries'. Eric Parry will explore all the different boundaries dividing up London, both ancient and modern, tangible and abstract, and then focus on the intentions for the 'Revealing the Charterhouse' project, both social and architectural. One boundary that will be illustrated, with reference to the Charterhouse and other examples, will be the questions of responding to important historical contexts. Access the link here (and a donation would be most welcome).

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Back to the Future – an artist‘s journey in search of authenticity: recorded lecture

What is authenticity? Can it be replicated?  Artist and painting conservator Ying Yang  was commissioned by the Charterhouse in 2018 to create a replica of Quentin Metsys the Younger's painting 'Sieve Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I', which is now in the Charterhouse’s permanent collection and hanging in the Great Chamber. In this lecture, based on his commission work experience, Ying suggests that beyond intricate skill and technique, copying an Old Master painting also requires deep understanding, imagination and innovation. He believes a well-constructed copy not only replicates images for us to see today, it also holds something for us to enjoy tomorrow. Ying has been a painter and painting conservator for over 25 years. He is now a Professor at Nanjing Normal University in China. Access your link to the lecture here (& a donation would be most welcome).

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Cromwell, Bowes, the Goldsmiths and the Mint: recorded lecture

During the reign of Henry VIII a special three-way relationship existed between the royal jewel house, the mint and the Goldsmiths’ Company: the jewel house and the mint were both at the Tower of London. The jewel house was the repository of huge quantities of surplus royal plate and in times of need quantities of old plate would be trundled across the courtyard to the mint to be recycled into gold or silver coins. Each year the Goldsmiths’ Company was charged with checking (as it still is) that the newly minted coinage was of the correct alloy. Join author and expert in gold and silver Timothy Schroder as he takes a close look at the workings of this relationship and at the individuals who operated it: Thomas Cromwell, master of the jewel house and Martin Bowes, who was both master of the mint and an influential member of the Goldsmiths’ Company. Timothy Schroder is author of ‘A Marvel to Behold’, Gold and Silver at the Court of Henry VIII (Boydell, 2020) and past Prime Warden of the Goldsmiths’ Company. Access your link to the lecture here (& a donation would be most welcome).

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Almshouses – from Athelstan to the 21st century and beyond: recorded lecture

What is an almshouse, what role have these homes played throughout history, and how are they relevant and important today?  We are delighted to present a lecture by Elizabeth Fathi, Chairman of The Almshouse Association, who shares an historical exploration of the development of almshouses, how they have evolved over the centuries, to their role today, nationally and in their local communities, when there are now over 1600 independent almshouse charities all across the UK. Hear about the work of these charities, amongst which the Charterhouse is proud to have been for over 400 years, and how they continue to be relevant and much needed with today's shortage of affordable housing. Elizabeth has worked in the almshouse movement for over sixteen years primarily as Chief Executive of an ancient almshouse charity in the West Country and latterly as Director of The Trust Partnership providing management services for almshouses and charities across the country. The Almshouse Association, a national membership organisation representing the UK's almshouse charities covers an estimated 35,000 almshouses and 12,000 trustees. Receive your link to the lecture here (with a donation if you can).

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The ‘ancient impenetrability’ of Charterhouse Square: recorded lecture

We were delighted that acclaimed landscape designer Todd Longstaffe-Gowan could give our September online lecture. Todd conceived and created the gardens in Charterhouse Square. Where previously there was a car park and not much more - he has created a lovely urban oasis right on the edge of the City. In his talk, filmed outside in Charterhouse Square, Todd discusses how his scheme for the recent refurbishment of Charterhouse Square is intended to enhance the inherent qualities of a place imbued with a remarkable atmosphere, redolent of great antiquity and pre-Reformation monasticism, and possessing an antiquarian interest unrivalled in other London squares. To see Todd Longstaffe-Gowan's lecture, click here (with option of a donation).

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Gardens are good for you: recorded events

Here's a chance to see a selection from our very successful Flower Power online festival earlier this year.  Just the thing to bring the joy of spring and summer into winter days.  This selection includes our Head Gardener Kate Robinson taking you on a tour of the Charterhouse Gardens, Ash Edwards presenting the amazing work of the Horatio's Garden charity, flower farmer Nic Bird talking about Growing to Give, the project she started to encourage growing flowers to give to charities, and gardener and broadcaster Ellen Mary telling us about all the ways our connection to nature brings wellbeing.  Book here to access links to all these recorded events free of charge.

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The power of flowers: recorded events

Another selection from our very successful Flower Power online festival earlier this year.  This selection is all about flowers, growing them, arranging them and bringing their joy into your home!  Join Catherine Foxwell of Floral Evolution and leading UK florist Shane Connolly for their fabulous arrangements, plus Sarah Whiting of Nettlewood Flowers and Marianne Mogendorff of Wolves Lane Flower Company for a guide to creating your own cutting gardens.  Book here to see all these recorded events free of charge.

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The Charterhouse from Restoration to Revolution: recorded lecture

Our online lecture by Dr. Cathy Ross, Honorary Research Fellow at the Museum of London, and consultant to the Charterhouse, is now available as a recording to view online. In the lecture Cathy shares some of the new stories that have emerged from the Great Chamber project, and in particular its focus on the seventeenth-century governors whose portraits now hang in the room. Did the restoration of Charles II after the Civil War usher in a period of calm, or was the opposite true? The lecture will explore the ups and downs of Sutton’s Hospital and its governors during this remarkable and turbulent period. Dr Cathy Ross’s museum career has focused on the challenges of representing the complexity of cities within a museum, and has published widely on museums, contemporary collecting and London history. Her books include Designing Utopia: John Hargrave and the Kibbo Kift (2015), London: The Illustrated History (2008), The Romance of Bethnal Green (2007), Twenties London: a City in the Jazz Age (2003). Access your link to the lecture (with a donation if you can) here.

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