The Great Chamber

The Great Chamber is the most splendid of our wonderful rooms and spaces at the Charterhouse. It was originally built by Edward North in the 1540s, and referred to as the ‘Throne Room’ after Elizabeth I held her first Privy Council there before being crowned Queen of England.

The Chamber was the backdrop to decades of Tudor intrigue and plotting and remained the jewel in this grand Tudor Mansion until it suffered serious bomb damage during WW2.  After the war a major project was initiated to renovate the room, undertaken by renowned architects and designers Seely & Paget, to match the one remaining undamaged section, and has been well used and much admired since.

The ‘beautification and refreshment’ of the Great Chamber

Made possible with money raised by National Lottery Players and supported through the Heritage Lottery Fund (NLHF) and a number of other generous donors, the new refurbishment project was proposed to do better justice to the Chamber’s extraordinary history and splendour. The project will also ensure the Chamber’s suitability for an expanded range of ways it can be shared with the public.

The project is now complete! We look forward to revealing all the wonderful enhancements that have taken place over the last year on this website very soon… and as soon as it is safe to do so, we very much look forward to welcoming you here in person.

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