Inspiring Interiors: Drawing Masterclasses

In Autumn of 2023, we invited our almshouse residents, or Brothers as they are known here, and staff to join members of Islington based charity The Stuart Low Trust for a series of 10 drawing masterclasses at the Charterhouse. The focus was on providing accessible and enjoyable workshops with older artists from all backgrounds and levels of experience. It was part of our Community Engagement Programme, where we build relationships with local communities – particularly older people who may not ordinarily access or be aware of, our heritage site.

The sessions were facilitated by Martine from PomegranArt, and each masterclass took place in a different room or space in the Charterhouse. Participants were taught a range of drawing techniques and enjoyed listening to talks by staff members, who shared their knowledge of our unique heritage site and its stories.

 Martine describes the aims and process of the masterclasses as “Delving deep over three hours each session, drawing space, light and form specific to the historic and beautiful Charterhouse” and “Investigating, finding architectural details, translating dynamic perspectives onto paper, showing the subtleties of light transitions with the simplicity and endless potential of mark-making with pencils.”

 After the masterclass sessions were completed, the participants co-curated an exhibition Inspiring Interiors which is currently on display in our Chapel Cloister. The co-curation process with the facilitator, staff, community members and residents started with a creative writing workshop where the artists were invited to write labels and interpretation of their drawings. This was a particularly valuable and collaborative element of the project.

We had a small private view before the exhibition opened to celebrate, which was well attended and received. The drawings demonstrate the high standard and diverse skills that participants had developed and learnt during the classes, and it was wonderful to hear their thoughts and feedback about their experiences participating in the project.

Many thanks to our funder Diversity Matters and to our community engagement partner The Stuart Low Trust.

“I personally enjoyed the whole experience. The teaching was excellent, encouraging without being prescriptive.” (Charterhouse staff member)

 “It was good to mix with others. The workshop leader was excellent, and I really enjoyed learning different drawing techniques.” (Charterhouse Brother)

 “I learnt a lot from Martine’s perspective. I liked the history of Charterhouse and environment.” (Stuart Low Trust participant)

 “Got very helpful tips how to give volume and perspective to my drawing.” (participant)


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