Meet our Charterhouse Young Community team

I’m Ruth and I’m currently studying for a Masters in Museum Studies at UCL, although this term has been all online. I started at the Charterhouse as a community engagement volunteer back in January, completing my guided sight training and getting involved with tactile tours and story-telling with Blind Aid.

The opportunity for the internship presented itself in the summer, and so I thought this would be a great opportunity to help develop my skill-set in addition to bringing people to a site that I think is so beautiful and unique.

I’m Eliana, and I’ve recently completed a Master’s in Screenwriting at Birkbeck College! Originally from the US, I relocated to the UK to pursue my degree and have been living here for just over a year now. I initially applied to the role of Young Audience Creator during pre-COVID times, but thanks to the pandemic, didn’t end up joining the team until September. While it’s been tricky to harness the magic of the Charterhouse virtually, it’s been a fun challenge until we are able to gather in person once again.

Our roles as Young Audience Creators involve engaging audiences between the ages of 18-30 with the Charterhouse, as they are currently not a huge presence. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have been unable to invite people onto the site itself, but we have been able to hold events on Zoom specifically designed with younger audiences in mind.

Admittedly, it’s been a bit of a struggle to get people involved in these times, as there are so many virtual events to choose from already, and a large part of the draw of the Charterhouse is the site itself. However, we are continually reaching out to different groups and organising varied events to attract diverse audiences. Alongside these social events, we are also producing a soundscape to be played in the newly refurbished Great Chamber, using the portraits as inspiration. Various communities will be involved in this, and our role is to ensure young voices are heard too!

A Halloween themed meet-and-greet marked the first official Young Community event for the Charterhouse. With spooky musings about the Charterhouse’s past, a quick rundown of the site’s history, and some creative participatory ghost stories, the event was certainly a success. We also had a chance to speak with participants about the type of programming they’re most interested in for the future.

Our second virtual event in our young community series started with a brief historical summary of the site and then focussed on the idea of legacy; asking what legacy we would like to leave. Drawing on the titled portraits in the Great Chamber for inspiration, we invited the group to think of their own title and write it on their very own portrait frame! This was a fun activity where all got to know each other a little better! Ending the night with a pub quiz that centred around the history of the Charterhouse and London, the participants went away more knowledgeable than when they entered.

Most recently, the Charterhouse’s Young Community gathered for an interactive cook-along, using a recipe from a cookbook put together by a former Master’s wife. The British classic of Carrot, Leek, and Potato Pie was a definite delicious hit – hoovered up by all who took part.

Keep an eye out for info about our upcoming events in December, which will be advertised on the Young Community’s Facebook group!



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