7th April 2021

The Elizabeths of the Charterhouse

Our Collections Volunteer Harriet Taylor takes a closer look at the two royal Elizabeths closely connected to the Charterhouse Elizabeth I (1533-1603) The Charterhouse has a longstanding history with the Monarchs, stemming as far back to Henry VIII. However, I thought I would shine light on the Elizabeth’s... continue

7th April 2021

The Bell at the Charterhouse

The story of the Chapel bell at the Charterhouse by our Collection Volunteer Vivienne Joncourt. Across rural and urban areas, a significant proportion of the British population lives within hearing range of a church bell. The sound of bells tolling is an important part of our intangible cultural heritage,... continue

7th April 2021

A Time Traveller’s Tour: The Charterhouse and Clerkenwell 1431

I’m Jessie, a Collections Volunteer at the Charterhouse, and I’m going to take you on a walking tour as we step back in time to 1431, to visit the medieval Charterhouse. In 1431 the Charterhouse produced a map presenting the monastery’s water system, which survives today as part of the Charterhouse’s... continue

7th April 2021

The Bassano Family: ‘Excellent and esteemed above all others’

Jack Evans, a Collections Volunteer at the Charterhouse explores the story of the Bassanos of Venice who were billeted at the Charterhouse in the 16th century. At the beginning of 1539, Henry VIII was once again preparing for marriage. The French ambassador reported that the king ‘gives himself up... continue

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