28th September 2021

Sir Walter Manny – the life of a professional soldier and medieval piety

It is 650 years since the monastery at the Charterhouse was established here in London. Here James Spellane looks at the life of Sir Walter Manny, its founder. The London Charterhouse, a monastery of the Carthusian order, was established in 1371 with Sir Walter Manny as its principal founder. A flamboyant... continue

16th September 2021

A work experience at the Charterhouse

Hi! I am Rosie. I am delighted to have had the opportunity to participate in an eight-week placement at the Charterhouse as a student of Art Gallery and Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. Initially I was confused about my specific future career options, however, I was focused on finding smaller... continue

4th August 2021

Reconditioning the organ

The organ in our chapel was made and installed by Walkers in 1842. Over the decades it’s been cleaned and overhauled and modernised, and there has always been an organist here who has cared for it and played it for chapel services. Its last overhaul was in 2004, and today Bernard Whitmill is back... continue

3rd June 2021

Thanks and appreciation

On a beautiful sunny afternoon we were delighted to welcome a special group of visitors to join us in celebrating, and giving thanks for being able to open to the public once more, and also to appreciate the Giordano painting now beautifully restored and in its new place alongside the Sutton Memorial... continue

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