16th December 2019

The Great Chamber prepares for its transformation

Today is the last day the Great Chamber will be seen in its current format – the tapestries are coming down tomorrow, and Textiles Conservator Marilyn Leader will be coming to transport them to her studio. There they will be assessed and conserved: this will include removing old linings, cleaning... continue

21st October 2019

The Thomas Sutton Lecture 2019

More and more: Law and the Charterhouse in London, presented by Sir Mark Warby* It is an honour and privilege to present this lecture to you today. To be fair, it was a request that – as consort to the Master – I could hardly refuse. But I have very much enjoyed the challenge. This ... continue

30th September 2019

Autumn colour and calm in the gardens

Kate Robinson, Head Gardener at the Charterhouse, takes a mellow look at what’s happening in the gardens this autumn. As the days get shorter, the sun gets lower and the gardens start to wind down for the winter I’ve been taking stock of a beautiful year in the gardens of the Charterhouse. There... continue

11th September 2019

Bringing Museum Studies to life at the Charterhouse

University of Leicester student Niki Ferraro has spent the last eight weeks with us on a work-placement getting first-hand experience of a Learning programme at a museum and historic site.  Here’s her post about how it went… When I first applied for a placement position at the Charterhouse,... continue

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