23rd March 2020

A stitch in time: Conservator vs tapestries

Gabby Swaffield, our Museum, Collection and Learning Manager is finding out everything you need to know before you embark on the voyage of conserving 17th century tapestries; be prepared for the unusual combination of bird poo, hours of stitching and hundreds of pairs of gloves! This is her first post... continue

9th March 2020

Thomas Howard: Interior design and treason

Thomas Howard, 4th Duke of Norfolk, bought the Charterhouse in 1564 and renamed it Howard House, using it as his principal London residence. He is responsible for some of the highlights of the Charterhouse buildings you can see today. These include the wooden screen in the Great Hall carved with his... continue

8th January 2020

Winter in the Charterhouse gardens

Charterhouse Head Gardener Kate Robinson reflects on priorities and pleasures in the winter months… People often ask me what there is to do as a gardener in winter and assume it is a quiet month for us, but I have to say I have never found that to be the case. Winter for a gardener […]... continue

16th December 2019

The Great Chamber prepares for its transformation

Today is the last day the Great Chamber will be seen in its current format – the tapestries are coming down tomorrow, and Textiles Conservator Marilyn Leader will be coming to transport them to her studio. There they will be assessed and conserved: this will include removing old linings, cleaning... continue

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