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6th June 2017

Object of the Month June 2017

Walter Manny, the founder of the London Charterhouse, arrived in England aged 17 in the retinue of Philippa, daughter of the Count of Hainault. Philippa was on her way to marry the young king Edward III, and Walter would go on to feature in some of the defining events of the Hundred Years War as ... continue

28th April 2017

Object of the Month April 2017

Deposition of Christ from the Cross is an oil on canvas painting by Royal Academician and former Brother of the Charterhouse Robert Medley. The work can be viewed in the chapel cloister to the left of the entrance to the chapel. The inspiration for this piece is The Descent from the Cross by Flemish... continue

31st March 2017

Object of the Month March 2017

Sculpture of St Catherine, late 15th century This is all that remains of a sculpture of St Catherine of Alexandria. She is shown triumphing over the Roman Emperor Maxentius who had ordered her death. The original sculpture stood in the side chapel devoted to St Catherine. When the monastery was sacked... continue

24th January 2017

Object of the Month: Messiaen, Eclairs sur l’Au – delà (1997)

Patrick Rowe (1917 – 2012) was a professional artist who became a Brother of the Charterhouse in 2002. He produced many collages both before and during his time here. The titles reflected his musical interests but had no direct bearing on the artworks, which were ‘merely decorations to delight the... continue

2nd December 2016

Object of the Month December 2016

The Block, 1837 | Lithograph by H W Burgess (c. 1792–1844) This print relates to Charterhouse School, the charitably-funded grammar school which flourished on this site between 1614 and 1872. The artist, Henry William Burgess, was the school’s drawing master in the 1830s and his still-life records... continue

21st October 2016

Object of the Month November 2016

Faith, Hope and Charity plaster panel, c.1625 This plaster overmantel panel was installed in the Master’s rooms in the 1620s. The figures represent three virtues: Faith in her armour; Hope with a bird and, Charity – the central figure who gives life to others. The composition is based on a 1572 Flemish... continue

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