Object of the Month: Messiaen, Eclairs sur l’Au – delà (1997)

Patrick Rowe (1917 – 2012) was a professional artist who became a Brother of the Charterhouse in 2002. He produced many collages both before and during his time here. The titles reflected his musical interests but had no direct bearing on the artworks, which were ‘merely decorations to delight the eye, it is as simple as that.’

During his time as a Brother, Patrick Rowe worked behind the counter at an artists’ materials shop in Islington. He was well-known to the customers and much missed on his death. Today, many of his collages are hung in the rooms and corridors of the Charterhouse’s Infirmary, where they continue to ‘delight the eye’. This work is on display in our new museum which opens on Friday 27 January.



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