11th July 2019

After-school club at the Charterhouse

Since 2017 the Charterhouse has welcomed local audiences as part of our Revealing the Charterhouse project which saw the creation of a new museum, public square and learning programme. Schools are at the very heart of our learning offer and we are proud to say that over 3,000 pupils have taken part in... continue

7th May 2019

Sustainable Urban Beekeeping at The Charterhouse

Dale Gibson, founder of the sustainable beekeeping practice Bermondsey Street Bees, runs the three Charterhouse hives on the Queen’s Walk. Here, he discusses some of the issues affecting urban bees. Globally, habitat loss is acknowledged as the key threat to honeybee welfare. While bees have existed... continue

23rd April 2019

SEND Learning at the Charterhouse

Between September 2017 and July 2018 we completed a year-long expressive arts project with the Village School. Working with artist-educator Marc Woodhead and cross-arts educator Luke Crookes, the project gave children with complex needs the opportunity to access high quality and enriching museum experiences.... continue

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