After-school club at the Charterhouse

Since 2017 the Charterhouse has welcomed local audiences as part of our Revealing the Charterhouse project which saw the creation of a new museum, public square and learning programme. Schools are at the very heart of our learning offer and we are proud to say that over 3,000 pupils have taken part in our creative workshops.

Now, thanks to the generous support of the Worshipful Company of Art Scholars we have been able to develop our relationship with local schools by piloting a free, after-school club for pupils in Years 4 and Year 5 (aged 8-10) from two local Primary schools. Running January 2019 – July 2019, our flagship club has successful delivered on-site sessions for a weekly average of 10 pupils from St Peter & Paul Catholic Primary School and St John the Evangelist RC Primary, two schools within a 30-minute journey from the Charterhouse.

Led by artist-freelancer, Jasmin Bhanji, the club is targeted at students most in need of educational support, particularly low-level achievers who need extra help. Being creative and expressing themselves though a wide range of art techiniques has enabled pupils showcase their creativity and feel a sense of artistic achievement.

One of the pupils, D, started the club slightly later then the other pupils which initially made him shy, however the welcoming and fun nature of the environment at the club has seen him shine and fully participate in all activities. Another pupil, J, has a hyperactive temperament, to support their participation we set consistent rules, boundaries and instrucations to ensure they felt settled and engaged. These are only two examples of many that  illustrate how the weekly sessions are having clear personal impacts.

Attending the club has helped foster collaboration across the schools and between year groups, two of our core objectives. We have noted informal collaborations such as sharing and kindness in sessions and parents collecting pupils on behalf of another parent. Additionally, we have seen friendships blossom with pupils having play dates outside of the club with those from other schools.

We are thrilled with the positive impact the project has had on the young participants and look forward to building upon this success in 2019-2020.

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