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The Charterhouse Challenge!

A short film introducing some of the clues to look out for in the Charterhouse that tell you more about who lived here over the centuries – your guide is Tillie the Talbot

KS1 School Session: Picture me!

KS1 School Session: Picture me!

Experience the Great Chamber in all its glory! Get to know the people in the portraits and the meaning behind the objects they’re holding. Go on an emblem hunt around the room, dress up as artists and pose like models and even have a go at playing Queen Elizabeth’s footsteps! Who can creep the closest without being seen?

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Design your own gloves

Design your own gloves

The splendid portraits in our Great Chamber tell you a lot about the top people in 17th century England.  Look at their clothes and how important the details make them look.  Here we focus in on their gloves – now it’s time to design your own

Design your own gloves

KS1 School Session: Fit for a Queen

KS1 School Session: Fit for a Queen

Queen Elizabeth I has arrived at the Charterhouse on the way to her coronation. Enjoy an audience with the future Queen as a costumed interpreter brings her to life in her first throne room. But don’t forget, the house needs to look it’s best — from food to laundry, dress to décor, lend a hand to ensure the Charterhouse is fit for a queen! Come prepared to discover more about this famous Queen, and daily life in a Tudor Mansion. (NB this session can be also be run adapted for a KS2 audience).

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