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26th October 2021

The spiritual life of medieval Londoners

As we mark 650 years since the Charterhouse was founded here by Sir Walter de Manny, here James Spellane looks at the religious and spiritual context for the establishment of this significant Carthusian monastery. The Charterhouse was a prominent place in medieval London – a major landmark on the way... continue

28th September 2021

The life of Carthusian monks in the Charterhouse

Rosie Chan, a Museum Studies student at the University of Leicester, was recently here on a work placement, and immersed herself in our heritage. Here she looks more closely at the lives of the Carthusian monks who lived here in the 14th century, as we mark 650 years since the founding of the Charterhouse.... continue

28th September 2021

Sir Walter Manny – the life of a professional soldier and medieval piety

It is 650 years since the monastery at the Charterhouse was established here in London. Here James Spellane looks at the life of Sir Walter Manny, its founder. The London Charterhouse, a monastery of the Carthusian order, was established in 1371 with Sir Walter Manny as its principal founder. A flamboyant... continue

7th April 2021

Religion and the Charterhouse

Collections Volunteer Ross Hutchinson explores the history of religion at the Charterhouse. Stained glass window above the Altar in the Charterhouse Chapel, depicting the Crucifixion of Christ   Religion is often downplayed in the writing of modern history. However, at the Charterhouse it is almost... continue

4th December 2018

The Carthusian Connection

I came to volunteer at the Charterhouse in April 2017, and I have enjoyed volunteering at this special historic place. Over time while supporting the guides and the Brothers with their tours, I began to absorb the history of the place and became especially interested in the Carthusian Monks who lived... continue

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