Uncovering more of the Charterhouse’s past

The current cataloguing with the old back copies of the Old Charterhouse Magazine is moving ahead at a steady pace. Already we have been astounded with the amount of stories from the past lives of the Old Carthusians, illustrating the diverse and almost global spread of their careers. From tea planting and surviving a tiger attack in the British Raj, being shipwrecked after striking a mine off Turkey when performing covert operations during WWI, losing the toes on your right foot to frostbite after prospecting for gold in Canada, and an almost surreal encounter with Ned Kelly in the Australian bushranger… the stories go on and on.

On another note, it appears that there was a prior attempt for the Charterhouse to start its own magazine for the benefit of both the Brothers and the school’s pupils. The first two pamphlets were published in 1837 (at the start of Queen Victoria’s reign) but its contents substantially revolved around discussions regarding Greek and Latin poetry or the development of chrysanthemums! In any case, the volume never appeared to have taken off the ground or went out of print, as there has been no mention of it in subsequent issues.



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