Brother Philip Bacon’s Lecture on Mental Health

Brother Philip Bacon, who has worked in the field of mental health, recently gave a talk at the Charterhouse about the effects of mental health on families. You can listen to this below.



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  • Thank you Philip for a most interesting and for me most stimulating talk on mental health and how we may deal and/or cope with it all. I have an interest not only based in family tragedy but also wearing my professional hat by way of being a teacher of the Alexander Technique. I found that the correlation between mental illness and body postures, habits and language a most fascinating and yet most disconcerting discovery because we as lay people have no training whatsoever in the problems that arise from hands on teaching and the breaking of body habits, armour and protection.
    I have masses more to say on this subject and hope that perhaps some time we shall be able to meet to discuss matters.
    I am at present on the waiting list for one of the private flats at Pensioners
    Court, but am not at all sure whether this is a real possibilities or not…We shall see!
    Best wishes and thank you

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