Charles Dalmon, Poet and Brother

Charles William Dalmon (1862-1938) was a British poet who, in retirement, became a Brother of the Charterhouse. He published many poems during his lifetime, many of them about Sussex, the county in which he was born and for many years lived.

Siegfried Sassoon and Ralph Hodgson both considered Dalmon a small, neglected author, and once planned to publish his work in a collection alongside similarly ignored poets.

Since little has been written about Dalmon’s personal life, it is hard to get a good idea of what sort of man he was. However, some sources claim that he was a close friend of Noël Coward, and suggest that in the 1920s he briefly entered the film industry, working as an art director to George Clark Productions.

A Daily Telegraph review (25 June 2006) noted that John Betjeman was apparently a fan, placing Dalmon alongside such “dim and half-forgotten poets” as Theodore Wratislaw, William Renton and Edmund John.

After Dalmon passed away, Benjamin George Ambler, a Brother and author, wrote a poem in his honour. It can be read below, along with the following articles, all published shortly after Dalmon’s death.




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  • I came upon the name Charles Dalmon when reading the autobiography of Conrad Noel, the Christian Socialist and Vicar of Thaxted. I will look out for more of Dalmon’s poems.

  • There is a biography of Dalmon by George Cockman, published a few years ago. It’s called something like ‘Charles Dalmon Poet Laureate of Sussex’ I think. I too have researched Dalmon and written about him. In 1931, he was Art Director of the newly formed Langham Productions, and worked on at least two of their films.

  • I have in my collection of Sussex books:- “Another book of Sussex verse ” edited by CF Cooke 1928. In it are 2 Poems by Charles Dalmon. The one titled “A Letter to an old Sweetheart” 71 Verses 12 pages and is a treat to read. Sentimental yes, but for lovers of Sussex and Sussex countryside its a peach !

  • I have a lovely collection of Sussex books, and during lockdown have been reading through a few. My wife and I came across Charles Dalmon in “Another book of Sussex verse. ” The one we loved was “A Letter to an old Sweetheart” it is long, 12 pages, but if it doesn’t bring a tear to your eye, you have no soul !

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