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Thirty days of learning by a new Brother, Rakesh Mathur

When I think of my time here, these words come to mind: Inspiring, Caring, Humanity and History. Before I moved into the Charterhouse, I visited the newly opened museum and was moved by glimpses of the brothers’ day to day lives. The video in the museum depicts their lives in a very convincing way with a sense of calm and rapport which appeals to me.

On 5 June, when I joined the Charterhouse, I was warmly welcomed by everyone. Since then, I have been very happy here. The Summer Fair,  National Open Gardens evening and musical tours have been highlights. I have posted pictures on social media. I love the Charterhouse for its integrated perspective of history and humanity. All the Brothers and staff members relate to me with patience and understanding and the food is excellent. Hats off to the chefs!



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