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Movers and shakers of the 17th century

The portraits lining our Great Chamber depict early Governors of the Charterhouse who were eminent politicians and thinkers of their time.  In this short film Dr Cathy Ross introduces you to these people and the impact they had in the 17th century.

KS3 School Session: Picking up the pieces

KS3 School Session: Picking up the pieces

Explore the portraits of the Governors on the walls of the Great Chamber and play the giant boardgame of 17th century life! Take a chance and navigate through the various tensions, divisions and debates of Restoration England to bring peace and plenty to the nation and avoid future Civil Wars!

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The Bill of Rights

The Bill of Rights

Some of the most powerful and influential people of Britain line the walls of the Great Chamber. Politics, Church, monarch and state are all
represented here. Between them, they carved their way towards the 1688 Bill of Rights. Discuss the significance of this Bill with our download here.

The Bill of Rights 1688

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