Key stage 2

An introduction to the role the Charterhouse played in history for KS2 students.

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A Home of Many Kinds

Over seven centuries the Charterhouse has seen dramatic changes and been witness to significant moments in England’s history – but throughout it has always been a home. Travel through time and find out how the very different inhabitants of the Charterhouse lived.

KS2 School Session: The Black Death

KS2 School Session: The Black Death

Explore one of London’s only surviving plague pits at the Charterhouse. Created by Sir Walter Manny during the 1348-19 Black Death, the Charterhouse is home to the largest mass grave in London. Hear about the epidemic before discovering causes, cures and consequences in this exciting session.

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KS2 School Session: Hands-on Tudors

KS2 School Session: Hands-on Tudors

The Reformation under King Henry VIII forever changed life at the Charterhouse. Explore our former monastery and hear all about medieval monks before discovering Henry’s VIII’s personal reasons for a new religious order. Then, discover Tudor food, architecture and décor alongside the stories of those charged with keeping a grand Tudor mansion running. Then, enjoy an onsite object handling session to consolidate learning!

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