12th August 2019

Preludes & Vollenteries 23: ‘I am falling’

International violin soloist Peter Sheppard Skærved is bringing his concert series, inspired by the ancient churches of London’s Square Mile, to our Chapel here at the Charterhouse. Playing violin and viola, Peter will be performing works by Tobias Hume (1579 – 1645)
Thomas Baltzar (1630-1661), Anthony Poole (c.1629-1692), and a new piece by young Swedish composer David Riebe inspired directly by the early history of Charterhouse Square.

The programme is an imaginary meeting between three string players who worked, played and died in the city in the 1600s. The extraordinary figure of gamba composer and virtuoso Captain Tobias Hume provides inspiration for the programme, who spent the last 13 year of his life as a ‘poor brother’ here at the Charterhouse, and was buried here.
Tickets £10, (£5 concessions) on the door

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