19th June 2020

Charterhouse School’s exodus to Godalming: recorded lecture

We were really delighted that Catherine Smith, archivist at Charterhouse School, presented her fascinating look at the history of Charterhouse School for our July online Lecture. Here is a chance to view it again! Catherine takes a close look at the time the school at Charterhouse – first founded in 1611 – moved to new premises in Goldalming in 1872, exploring the reasons for the move and the consequences for both the School and the almshouse. Catherine has been based at the School for 11 years and has a fantastic knowledge of its history with a host of stories and illustrations.  We greatly appreciate Catherine giving this lecture in support of our charity. (Ignore the dates given above)

You can now access a link to the Lecture, with the option of making a donation, here.

18th May 2020

Henry VIII and the Men who Made Him: Live online

Join eminent historian and best selling author Tracy Borman live and online as she shares insights from her research, and excerpts from her book Henry VIII and the Men who Made Him. Henry VIII is famous for his multiple marriages, but it was the men in his life who shaped this notorious monarch – and he, in turn, determined their fates. In this talk we are introduced to a dazzling cast of characters: some ‘mad’ (Sir Francis Bryan, the so-called ‘Vicar of Hell’), some ‘bad’ (the grasping minister Thomas Wolsey) – but none as ‘dangerous to know’ as Henry VIII himself.

Tracy Borman has extremely kindly agreed to reprise her recent lecture at the Charterhouse online – to help raise funds for the charity as it navigates very challenging times during the pandemic.  Book here – payment is by donation.

We will be emailing all attendees with log in details for the Lecture prior to the event.

21st February 2019

Brothers Lecture: The Art of Light

The magical qualities of stained glass windows in the historic churches of the City of London. Created by a series of remarkable artists and craftsmen in a variety of styles – discover their symbolism, spiritual dimensions and, above all, radiant visual beauty.

An opportunity to join the residents of the Charterhouse to hear arts lecturer and guide Alexandra Epps (Tate, The Arts Society, City of London) present the latest in the Brothers Lecture series – illuminating the history, meaning and craft of stained glass in the City.

Tickets £15, Friends of the Charterhouse £12

Book here

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