18th February 2021

A virtual audience with Queen Elizabeth I: for families

The young Elizabeth Tudor has arrived at the Charterhouse on the way to be crowned Queen of England. This is a chance to have an audience with her, as she prepares herself in the grand Great Chamber. Your audience will be 45 minutes long – and fully interactive – so you will all be able to ask her questions and she may ask you some too! Enjoy an audience with the future Queen as a costumed interpreter brings her to life in her first throne room. But, don’t forget, the house needs to look its best — from food to laundry, dress to décor: lend a hand to ensure the Charterhouse is fit for a queen! See a taster of the session here.

All you need is a chair, a crown, some questions – and some inquisitive minds!

A series of four sessions, held on Zoom, are available through April and May. Book your audience with Queen Elizabeth I here!

(NB See our guidelines for the session here. The Queen would love to see her loyal subjects but if you’d like to go incognito that’s fine)

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