18th January 2023

At Home with the Tudors, Family Workshop

Come and Meet King Henry VIII and his Queen [guess which one]. Travel back in time with the King and Queen for the entire Tudor story of 118 years neatly packaged up into 90 minutes, with 3 English Kings, 3 Popes, 6 Wives and 3 more Queens, lots of men called Thomas and a dead King in a Car Park! With lots of audience participation and artefacts, costumes, hats, and a great deal of fun!

Brought to life by Black Knight Historical.

Sessions: All ages 5+

Cost: 1 adult + 1 child £2 / 1 adult + 2 children £4 / 1 adult + 3 children £6

18th January 2023

A Portrait fit for a Queen, family workshop

Draw the Queen Red. Queen Elizabeth I has arrived at the Charterhouse on the way to her coronation. Visitors will enjoy an audience with the future Queen and discover why she needs her portrait painted. But don’t forget, the portrait needs to look it’s best — it needs to portray her majesty with splendour, power, and, of course, beauty. Come and draw a portrait fit for a queen!

Ages: 8+

Cost: 1 adult + 1 child £2 / 1 adult + 2 children £4 / 1 adult + 3 children £6

15th July 2022

Family Tour

Next tour 28th January. Join us on a journey through the Charterhouse as we look for Thomas Sutton’s missing Talbot greyhounds. Discover medieval monks, regal royals, terrible Tudors and naughty schoolboys as we search high and low for cuddly, teddy Talbots. Can you help us find them all? Family Tours take place once a month – book early for a fun and educational half-term or school holiday activity! Children go free. £10 per adult.

14th January 2021

Design your own coat of arms

Here’s an idea for children and for teachers – a design project that combines history with talking about your own family and what makes it special.  Get creative with our ‘Design a coat of arms’ activity – and if you send us your designs, we’ll choose our favourite and send you a cuddly soft Talbot dog!

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