20th March 2023

Drawing from the Great Chamber Portraits with Stephanie Forrest

Drawing from the Great Chamber Portraits with Stephanie Forrest

Fire-up your creativity with a morning drawing from our portraits in the Great Chamber with artist and tutor, Stephanie Forrest. This magnificently restored room has played host to grand royal occasions and was the backdrop to decades of Tudor plotting and intrigue. It is the only Tudor chamber to survive in London and, with its remarkable collection of portraits, remains the jewel in the crown of this ancient site.  Working from our cast of historic characters, from Elizabeth I to the Duke of Monmouth, you will be guided through some technical exercises to grasp composition and tone. You will then discover ways of rendering different textures, from hair to lace and silks, through experiments with mark-making in a range of materials, all provided by the museum. Stephanie will support you to develop your drawing skills as well as inspire you to work in new ways from the art of the past. All levels of experience welcome.

Stephanie Forrest is a tutor at the Royal Drawing School and was awarded the ACS Drawing Prize in 2019. She has work in the Royal Collection and Government Art Collection.

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