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8th January 2020

Winter in the Charterhouse gardens

Charterhouse Head Gardener Kate Robinson reflects on priorities and pleasures in the winter months… People often ask me what there is to do as a gardener in winter and assume it is a quiet month for us, but I have to say I have never found that to be the case. Winter for a gardener […]... continue

30th September 2019

Autumn colour and calm in the gardens

Kate Robinson, Head Gardener at the Charterhouse, takes a mellow look at what’s happening in the gardens this autumn. As the days get shorter, the sun gets lower and the gardens start to wind down for the winter I’ve been taking stock of a beautiful year in the gardens of the Charterhouse. There... continue

29th August 2019

Summer in the Charterhouse Gardens

When our Head Gardener Kate Robinson came for her interview last July she had a glimpse of what summer in the Charterhouse gardens might be like.  Here’s her latest update about how wonderful it’s been seeing the changes week on week from the start of spring to full summer….. Claire... continue

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