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The spiritual life of medieval Londoners

26th October 2021

The spiritual life of medieval Londoners

As we mark 650 years since the Charterhouse was founded here by Sir Walter de Manny, here James Spellane looks at the religious and spiritual context for the establishment of this significant Carthusian monastery. The Charterhouse was a prominent place in medieval London – a major landmark on the way... continue

Brother Stephen goes loop de loop

5th May 2021

Brother Stephen goes loop de loop

Brother Stephen McGhee, a resident here at the almshouse, tells how, over a number of months, he completed the London Loop. Covid restrictions permitting, I recently completed the London Loop or to give it its official title ‘the London Outer Orbital Path’. This is a 150 mile  (242 km) walking circuit... continue

Detail from the Thomas Sutton monument in the Charterhouse Chapel

13th December 2018

The right kind of poor for the Charterhouse?

Robin Isherwood, the Preacher at the Charterhouse, yesterday remembered the charity’s founder Thomas Sutton in our annual short memorial service, and pondered the different attitudes to the poor, and the applicants considered eligible to live in the almshouse here over the years.  Here is an extract... continue

Holly and the Hives

6th December 2018

Tucking up our bees for the winter

Here at the Charterhouse we’re the proud custodians of three hives which now live up on the Queen’s Walk and which are cared for by our beekeeping partner Dale Gibson of Bermondsey Street Bees. Our lucky bees have the run of the Charterhouse gardens, and we were very excited by our first harvest... continue

The Charterhouse During and After WWII

29th November 2016

The Charterhouse During and After WWII

The ‘Blitz’ was a sustained campaign of aerial bombing attacks on British towns and cities carried out by the Luftwaffe (German Air Force). It began on 7 September, when German bombers attacked London, killing 430 people and injuring 1,600, and continued for 57 consecutive nights, and often... continue

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