The Great Chamber prepares for its transformation

Today is the last day the Great Chamber will be seen in its current format – the tapestries are coming down tomorrow, and Textiles Conservator Marilyn Leader will be coming to transport them to her studio.

There they will be assessed and conserved: this will include removing old linings, cleaning back and front surfaces, closing any splits, sending them to a specialist in Belgium if they need wet-cleaning, adding new linings and attaching hanging mechanisms. When they return, one will be re-hung in the ante chamber and the rest will be re-hung in the Great Hall.

Meanwhile our wonderful collection of major portraits are off being cleaned, and will eventually grace the walls of the Great Chamber.

We’re busy taking our last photos for our records and memories, and Culture Mile is here capturing the moment for a photographic exhibition next year.  If you are interested in finding out more about what is happening in the Great Chamber between January and May 2020 you can see detail about the planned new design and layouts here and here. While it is closed, we will be creating a fantastic new aspect of our Charterhouse and Brothers’ Tours – delving deeper into the many centuries of history of our Chapel.

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