The Charterhouse: Then & Now

These fascinating post cards, published by E.T. Bottom Ltd. 1916, capture the Charterhouse as it was over 100 years ago.

Those familiar with the Charterhouse may note a few changes. For instance, “The Brothers’ Library”, now “The Old Library”, no longer contains the many bookshelves that appear on the post card below. Nor does the “Officers’ Room” exist in quite the same fashion as it appears here.

Yet the buildings and interiors have, for the most part, remained surprisingly unaltered in the last 100 years.

For more information on the architecture of the Charterhouse, as well as information on which rooms were damaged during WWII, see Nikolaus Pevsner’s essay on the subject.

Ian Nairn’s short description of the Charterhouse is also worth reading.

The Old Library (Formerly the Brother’s Library)

The Great Chamber

Chapel Tower

The Chapel

The Great Hall

Preacher’s Court

The Great Staircase

Washhouse Court

Officer’s Library

The Porter’s Lodge (Gatehouse)


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