Schubert Society of Britain at The Charterhouse

On Wednesday 1 November, we were delighted to welcome back the Schubert Society of Britain who celebrated their 60th anniversary.

They marked the occasion here at the Charterhouse with a concert in the Great Chamber performed by the Countess of Wessex’s String Orchestra, directed by Major David B Hammond CAMUS.

When, in the 1950s, George Schubert, a distant relative of the composer, discussed the concept for a Schubert Society with Gordon Honey (a Brother at the Charterhouse) and Alan Tabelin, the two young men enthusiastically took up the idea. They enlisted the support of their friends in London’s music circles and planned a concert for the launch of such a Society.

The inaugural concert, sponsored by George Schubert, was held on 19th November 1957 in St. James’s, Piccadilly. In an all Schubert programme Pauline Brockless (soprano) with the Goldsmiths’ choir, Gordon Honey (baritone) and a section of the London Philharmonic Orchestra under Basil Cameron performed.

The primary purpose of the Society was to perform the music of Franz Schubert, but in order to include the wider repertoire of classical music in forthcoming Schubertiades, the only rule the Society imposed was that every performance includes at least one work by Schubert. The Schubert Society is supported by internationally renowned artists and offers young musicians an opportunity to perform in London.

If you are interested in the Schubert Society and would like to know more about them, please visit their website.

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