Gardening notes in lockdown: Brother Rakesh

While the Charterhouse is closed to the public, some of the Brothers are kindly taking on some of the day-to-day gardening jobs on our seven-acre site, as none of the gardening team are currently there.  Good for distraction, good for mental and for physical health!  And just lovely to watch the garden grow!  We are very much missing opening our gardens for Chelsea Fringe – but here’s our way of sharing the pleasure that gardening brings – especially during lockdown.

Here are some reflections from Brother Rakesh:

“Watering young plants is an art in itself. Their growth depends on how we handle these. I was lucky to be trained by Ludo, one of the gardeners. From him, I learned how to gently reach out at the bottom of plants and water the near roots area.

We need to avoid sprinkling water on the leaves. When the young leaves collect limescale from the tap water, it is difficult to get rid of the white layers later on.

Like young children,  we need to inculcate good habits in these.

Furthermore, the young plants need to be watered twice with an interval of few minutes, especially during this week’s scorching sun. Talking about the sun, The Wells Court is a delightful suntrap where I am getting enough vitamin D.  Vitamin D-3 is essential for building immunity and anti-disease capabilities in an old age.”

Posted in association with Chelsea Fringe

NB if you would like to help support us now – and secure your place on a tour or at our Open Gardens when they are running again we would really appreciate it – you can book our Support Tickets here.

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