How the Brothers Lived in the Early 20th Century

The Brothers of today live very different lives from their counterparts of the early 20th century.

Over a hundred years ago, conditions at the Charterhouse were austere, and Chapel attendance was compulsory. Brothers were expected to wear long Jocobean capes with deep collars, and at mealtimes, fighting cock, beef and mutton were often the dish of the day.

Nowadays, a Brother is far more likely to be served something like fish and chips, a salad, a curry, or pasta. They are free to come and go as they like and generally wear smart but casual attire, though there is no strict dress code.

The following article, taken from the Evening News, gives us a fascinating insight into how the Brothers lived in the 1930s. And below that are some astonishing photographs from 1921, which further suggest what life was like for a Brother of this period.

You can find out more the Brothers of the today by visiting our almshouse page.


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