Brother Mansel on the value of community during lockdown

What has life been like for me during the Coronavirus? Well, as a Brother at the Charterhouse I have felt safe and well looked after; these are such unique circumstances and I feel the Master has had to make difficult decisions which were necessary for the community. We have had slightly different rules within the Charterhouse due to our communal set up and although some restrictions were tighter than the government guidelines, I appreciate the necessity for it.

I have had time to reflect on my previous living arrangements and if I was not at the Charterhouse then I would have felt very isolated and it would have been completely impractical for me, however I have found how well I can cope with my own company! Before the pandemic hit, I was performing plays in theatres and taking guided tours around Ireland but unfortunately both of these industries have been put on hold, so I have a lot more free time. I have found the routine at the Charterhouse has helped structure my day as we have set meal times, which we were collecting from the kitchen at the height of the pandemic but thankfully have now returned to communal dining – at a distance of course!

I have missed being able to meet up socially with friends and family and visit different entertainment venues, but I am grateful that we have Charterhouse Square where I have been able to meet friends in a controlled environment. I am looking forward to the Charterhouse reopening its doors, at the right time and in a way that we can control, as it is great to meet different people and it adds variety to our lives here.


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