History, Diversity and Equality

As an almshouse and a significant heritage site, we are committed to inclusion, diversity and equality in all of our work – and accept that there is still much for us to do.

At the Charterhouse, as with historic sites all over the UK, our long and extraordinary history includes people and associations that are offensive to many. While we cannot erase them, we are committed to both recognising these painful aspects of our past, acknowledging them as such, and ensuring we set in place appropriate policies, interventions and interpretation such that we can be judged, and found proactive and progressive, by the standards of today and in the future.

We are enhancing our strategy and approach to diversity, inclusion and equality across all that we do, including how we recruit and support our staff and develop further our almshouse community.

We know that to oppose racism, and to fully manifest equality and diversity takes more than just a statement – it is about sustained long term change, and this takes time. We are committed to listening, to supporting and to taking positive action for diversity, inclusion and equality of opportunity at the Charterhouse.

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