20th April 2021

Almshouses – from Athelstan to the 21st century and beyond: recorded lecture

What is an almshouse, what role have these homes played throughout history, and how are they relevant and important today?  We are delighted to present a lecture by Elizabeth Fathi, Chairman of The Almshouse Association, who shares an historical exploration of the development of almshouses, how they have evolved over the centuries, to their role today, nationally and in their local communities, when there are now over 1600 independent almshouse charities all across the UK.

Hear about the work of these charities, amongst which the Charterhouse is proud to have been for over 400 years, and how they continue to be relevant and much needed with today’s shortage of affordable housing. The Almshouse Association, a national membership organisation representing the UK’s almshouse charities covers an estimated 35,000 almshouses and 12,000 trustees.

Receive your link to the lecture here (with a donation if you can).

3rd August 2020

More and more – Law and the Charterhouse: recorded lecture

An opportunity to see the recording of Sir Mark Warby’s fascinating Lecture – ‘More and more – law & the Charterhouse’. High Court Judge, Sir Mark Warby presents his own compelling and illustrated insights into law and its development in UK and USA, and an array of its practitioners, some distinguished and some less so, and their connections with the Charterhouse over the centuries. His interest in the subject was first sparked in 2017 when he arrived at the Charterhouse as ‘consort’ to the Master, Ann Kenrick. Sir Thomas More is perhaps the most famous legal mind to be associated with the Charterhouse, but there are many others, as Sir Mark’s lecture will reveal.

Access the link here (and a donation would be very welcome).

3rd August 2020

Henry VIII and the Men Who Made Him: recorded lecture

An opportunity to watch our recent excellent live online Lecture by eminent historian and best selling author Tracy Borman as she shares insights from her research, and excerpts from her book Henry VIII and the Men who Made Him. Henry VIII is famous for his multiple marriages, but it was the men in his life who shaped this notorious monarch – and he, in turn, determined their fates. In this talk we are introduced to a dazzling cast of characters: some ‘mad’ (Sir Francis Bryan, the so-called ‘Vicar of Hell’), some ‘bad’ (the grasping minister Thomas Wolsey) – but none as ‘dangerous to know’ as Henry VIII himself.

Tracy Borman has extremely kindly agreed to give this lecture to help raise funds for the charity as it navigates very challenging times during the pandemic.  (Ignore the dates above)

You can receive the link to the Lecture now with the option of paying a donation, here.

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