11th March 2021

Six online art workshops with the Claremont Project

As part of our series of interactive Community Engagement events, particularly inspired by the Great Chamber and its portraits, we hosted a new series of six Charterhouse Zoom Art Workshops, facilitated by freelancer Martine from PomegranArt. Martine carried out extensive research on our Great Chamber... continue

8th March 2021

Women at the Charterhouse

Ann Kenrick, Master of the Charterhouse, celebrates International Women’s Day with a reflection on changes at the Charterhouse, all moving in the right direction. Marking International Women’s Day is always important and I am delighted to report further progress at the Charterhouse. When the almshouse... continue

18th February 2021

The Charterhouse in winter

As we (hopefully) move towards Spring we wanted to capture some of the lovely views of the Charterhouse dusted in snow in recent weeks.  You never know – it might snow again – but these images were so popular when we showed them on social media we felt they merited their own gallery!... continue

4th February 2021

Diversity and inclusion at the Charterhouse

Reverend Canon Ann Clarke, the Preacher here at the Charterhouse, is heading up our Diversity Working Group. Here she introduces our approach, and heralds updated policies which will be public later this Spring. Diversity and Inclusion did not suddenly appear in summer 2020, but as a response to Black... continue

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