20th January 2015

Ian Nairn on the Charterhouse

Ian Douglas Nairn (24 August 1930 – 14 August 1983) was a British architectural critic and topographer.  In 1955, he established his reputation with a special issue of the Architectural Review called Outrage, and went on to create around 30 films for the BBC, including Nairn’s North, Nairn’s... continue

9th January 2015

Nikolaus Pevsner on the Charterhouse

Nikolaus Pevsner was a German-born British scholar of history of art and, particularly, of history of architecture. He is best known for his 46-volume series of county-by-county guides The Buildings of England (1951–74), which includes London Volume Two: Except the Cities of London and Westminster.... continue

1st December 1855

House Hold Words 297

HOUSEHOLD WORDS. A WEEKLY JOURNAL CONDUCTED BY CHARLES DICKENS SATURDAY, DECEMBER 1, 1855 No. 297 WE have no wish to write of charity in an uncharitable vein, and now that we again find ourselves forced to dwell upon the public scandal of the Charterhouse, we shall endeavour to put the most liberal construction... continue

12th June 1852

House Hold Words 116

HOUSEHOLD WORDS. A WEEKLY JOURNAL CONDUCTED BY CHARLES DICKENS SATURDAY, JUNE 12, 1852 No. 116 FROM the city pleasure ground of Smithfield it is not a distance of many steps to Charterhouse Square, a fortified position in the heart of London, made secure by an array of iron gates, and garrisoned by a... continue

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