Marriage and the Charterhouse

This week’s blog is comprised of three articles regarding weddings and the Charterhouse. They were originally published in 1938.

The first article, though short, is perhaps the most interesting. It refers to a Brother who left the Charterhouse owing to his plans to marry a lady from Malmedy, Belgium.

The Charterhouse offers affordable accommodation to single men over the age of 60. Those who are married, or intend to marry, are therefore not eligible to apply.

In our long history there have been very few instances of a Brother leaving the Charterhouse in order to marry, but Bro. Charles Elliott John Walkey is an exception.

After being appointed in May 1937, he spent little over a year at the Charterhouse before marrying Julia Hannotte. He officially left the Charterhouse on 10th October, 1938.



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