Marienbad in Clerkenwell

This is the first of a series of posts from the Brothers of the Charterhouse – their thoughts, stories and reflections on life in lockdown.

Looking out over the garden last week I saw several randomly spaced, isolated brethren standing completely still, each as if staring at something in front of him.  Now where had I seen that scene before?  Of course! Last year in Marienbad, that boring 1960s triumph of style over content. All it lacked was the painted shadows.  Was this the latest lock-down entertainment I wondered – creating tableaux vivants of cinematic milestones?  And whatever will be performed next – Ben Hur on rollators? Triumph of the Will starring the Master? Last Tango in Paris with Peter Giles?

Nicholas 30.04.20

(Picture: Rialto Pictures)



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  • May I comment on my own entry? Of course I may. My unreliable and philistine memory pictured the figures in the garden as spaced randomly. Thanks to our wonderful editor I now see the figures are positioned with aching precision along intersecting lines. So, M. Resnais knew what he was at and I’m sure was kind to children and animals and even his mistresses but the film is a bore. Nice photo, all the same.

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